What are CloudCoins?

CloudCoins are files. Each file contains a serial number and 25 authenticity numbers. These 25 passwords correspond to 25 clouds all around the world in different jurisdictions. If you are given a CloudCoin, you will need to "pown" it. Pown means to password own. The process of powing only takes a few seconds. You will use a webpage or CloudCoin wallet to contact the RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents) . You will tell the RAIDA the existing numbers and what you would like them to be changed to. If the RAIDA replies that the coins are authentic, then only you will know the codes and you will be the new owner. Because of the speed of light, you can pown hundreds of thousands of coins in less than two seconds.

Fast facts

*CloudCoins come in denominations of whole numbers (1s, 5s, 25s, 100s and 250s).
*There are a fixed amount of CloudCoin notes: 16,777,216 exactly.
*The amount of coins never grows.
*The RAIDA costs only $5,000 in electricity each year and there are no transaction fees.
*There are now 89 Detection Agents in the RAIDA and this number is expected to grow to 800.
*RAIDA Admins are paid based on the mining of lost Coins. In this way, there are never any permanent losses.
*Because CloudCoin separates the data from the logic. CloudCoins can do just about anything.
We often embed CloudCoin in jpeg images like these:

Data Supremacy

CloudCoins are based on a new Theory of Perfect Money that was conceptualized by CloudCoin Founder, Sean Worthington. Worthington noted that for a monetary system to be sustainable, it must have physical integrity, meaning that hackers, governments and even the people who created it could not bring the system down. Worthington calles this "Data Supremacy." There are only three databases technologies in the world that have data supremacy: the Blockchain, the DNS (Domain Name System) and the RAIDA. Worthington used the DNS as a starting point for the RAIDA. The DNS is a system that has never gone down since the day it was created in 1985. It handles thousands of requests from billions of people everyday. Without the DNS, the Internet as we know it would not function. RAIDA is like the DNS.


According to Worthington's theory of perfect money, monetary systems should have no logins, passwords, user accounts or public ledgers. They should be just like using cash. CloudCoin is this first digital currency to achieve this ideal. CloudCoin is 100% private. With CloudCoin, all we do is send each other files and then change their passwords. Blockchain based currencies require private keys and all transaction are tracked. CloudCoin does not use any ledgers. Instead of the users having accounts, the CloudCoins themselves have accounts. CloudCoins are the most private currency ever created.

What you should know about CloudCoin Privacy:

Information On the RAIDA.
The RAIDA only has three pieces of data about CloudCoins. The serial number, the authenticity number, and the month since last authenticated. The month since last spent helps us to know if the CloudCoin is lost. If the CloudCoin has not been spent for over five years then the RAIDA Admins can mine it. Just because a coin has been authenticated does not mean it changed hands. A user may re-authenticate their own coins just restart the months since authenticated to zero.
Taking Ownership AKA POWNING (Password owning).
No one can force you to take ownership of a CloudCoin. You cannot force another person to take ownership of coins that you own. If you are the owner of a CloudCoin - meaning that you are the only person in the world who knows the Authenticity Numbers, it is impossible to prove that you are the owner because it is impossible to prove that other people in the world do not also know the Authenticity Numbers.
The only way someone could know that you are the owner if they can observe you spending it or if they can prove that you are the only person who could have put the CloudCoins where they were found. Any person who you pay or buy something from will know that you were the true owner but they may not know who "you" are if you are anonymous.
In this way, CloudCoin is like Cash. If someone finds a sack full of cash in the trunk of your car, it does not necessarily prove that the cash is yours. If someone finds a bunch of authentic CloudCoins in your email system, it does not necessarily mean that they belong to you.

Sending CloudCoins:

You can send CloudCoins via email or any other anonymous system. But, if you send it via a system that knows who you are, then chances are they can track your transmission. Therefor, the CloudCoin Consortium recommends that you use an encrypted email system such as Protonmail.com. RAIDA Mail is a technology that may be released by the time you read this. RAIDA Mail is much stronger than Protonmail mail but costs CloudCoins to send.
The most secure way of sending CloudCoins maybe by using CloudCoin Wisper method. This is when you tell a person over the phone face to face or over a secure channel an ANG (Authenticity Number Generator). This technology is used but the tools are still under development at the time of this writing. (10/8/2019) But this technology is similar to having a prepaid credit card and you tell the person all the numbers so that they can use it.

Receiving CloudCoins:

(like via email) and you can also receive coins from someone anonymously. You should be aware that some file transfer systems will leave logs. For example, email systems at your work may keep copies of all emails you send or receive. If you have an anonymous account to receive coins then this is not a problem.


There are private ledger systems and CloudBanks that my keep your CloudCoins. You should know that these form wrappers around CloudCoin and are not CloudCoin. These systems make it convenient to send and receive CloudCoins because they provided a "trusted transfer" where both the sender and receiver know that the coins are authentic. But, these system are not 100% private. Instead, they are pseudo anonymous like the Blockchain. They require a CloudCoin to be used and your possession of this key could link you to the CloudCoins in the Skywallet. These ledgers are private and not open to the public. However, if an administrator of these systems wanted to, they could probably find out how much CloudCoin you own and who you do business with. The rule is that if you are happy with the kind of privcy you get from crypto currencies, then use the Skywallet. But if you are wanting 100% privacy, do not use Skywallet.


Perfect monetary systems must be able to handle all the world's transactions. Because of the simplicity and low bandwidth and processor power, the RAIDA could in theory be scaled up to handle 8 million transactions per second. The RAIDA does not have to coordinate different databases like the Visa system. The RAIDA is will soon have different levels. Just the like DNS system has root servers and Top Level Domains, the RAIDA can distribute the work to lower levels allowing for very fast and efficient transactions.

Transaction Speed

According to the Theory of Perfect money, good money should be traded all over the world at any time and happen faster than is humanly noticeable. The powning of CloudCoins is achieved by contacting a storm of clouds in parallel. Even though these clouds are all over the world, coins are authenticated in less than two seconds. This is because of the speed of light. The fact that CloudCoins have different denominations allows change of ownership quickly.

Here are the locations of the RAIDA Clouds:

RAIDA 00AustraliaRAIDA 13Taiwan
RAIDA 01MacedoniaRAIDA 14Russia
RAIDA 02PhilippinesRAIDA 15Russia
RAIDA 04SwitzerlandRAIDA 17Singapore
RAIDA 05South KoreaRAIDA 18USA
RAIDA 06JapanRAIDA 19Argentina
RAIDA 08IndiaRAIDA 21India
RAIDA 10GermanyRAIDA 23Germany
RAIDA 12India

Energy Usage

Perfect money would use no electricity. The RAIDA uses so little that it allows RAIDA administrators to be volunteers. The system is believed to require less than $5,000 in electricity per year and these costs are divided among 25 groups of people. The low cost guarantees no fee ever. In fact there are no mechanisms built into CloudCoin that would allow fees. CloudCoin is the greenest, most efficient payment system in the world.


CloudCoins can be stored anywhere were data can be stored. They can be printed out on paper, stored on USB drives, put into a video game, placed inside a jpeg image (or any other file).. even stored in your mind. CloudCoins are the first crossover currency that can be brought into and out of virtual reality. A new feature is the Skywallet. A place that allows you to store your coins in the Cloud so that you can access them from anywhere.

Theft and Loss

Theft and Loss are big problems with Crypto Currencies because crypto has systemic risk that cannot be mitigated. This risk comes from the "Private Key". With Bitcoin, if you lose your private key, you lose everything. If you make a copy of your private key, you double your chances of being robbed. With CloudCoin, there is no private key. You can mitigate your risk of loss without increasing your risk of theft and vis versa. CloudCoins can be stored in separate locations so that if one location should be hacked, other locations are still safe. You can password Protect your coins using our CloudCoin Wallet so that if they are stolen, they are still safe. You can embed a hash of your email address into the coins passwords allowing you to recover them if they are lost. So if you forget your password, you just need to remember your email.

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