Distributing CloudCoins in Mass

CloudCoin maybe the only currency in the world that can be distributed without fees. The cost of sending Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, to massive amounts of users can be extreemly expensive. For most payment systems, it is less expensive to send cash via the plain old mail than electonically. The only advantage of payment systems over regular mail is the speed, accountability and dependability. With CloudCoin, you can pay thousands of people within minutes and pay no fees. You also have the addition of privacy which is not possible with most payment systems such as PayPal, Western Union, Bank Transfer and others.

If you want to be able to get CloudCoins out to a lot fo people quickly, use the CloudCoin Wallet's Bill Pay.

To get the CloudCoin Wallet's Bill Pay to work, you will open your CloudCoin Wallet and then go to Tools>BillPay The progrm will then ask you to choose what wallet you want to send money from. Then you will be asked to load a CSV (Comma Serperated Value) file. This "CSV" file will specify who you want to send money too, how much to send, and which transport system to use. This CSV file can be created and edited in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Open Office Sheets or any other spreadsheet software). You can also just use a text editor.

To send you CloudCoin via encrypted email, you will need to have a Protonmail account with the Gold plan so that you can download the Proton Bridge software. The Proton Bridge software will place an SMTP mail server right on your computer.

Configuring your csv file.

Bill pay will read this file, make some notes in it and then move the file to the Sent folder once it has processed the file.

Your csv file is will be a table with 12 columns: Here is a sample table:
Send Method Format Amount   1   5  25   100   250 To Address Subject, Memo or Filename Special Instructions Status
Protonmail url 238000 0 0 0 0 0 Billy@Protonmail.com January Pay. Thank you! body=c:\templates\monthlypay.html Ready
Gmail stack 100 0 0 0 0 0 Billy@gmail.com Thanks for signing up! body=c:\templates\monthlypay.html Ready
Protonmail debitcard 0 1 0 0 0 0 Jenny@protonmail.com Your Skywallet ID card. Cardholder=jen.skywallet.cc& body=c:\letter.html ready
SendToSkywallet (ignored) 238000 0 0 0 0 0 larry.skywallet.cc Thanks for the work you did. cloudbank=Skywallet.cc sent
TransferToSkywallet (ignored) 238000 0 0 0 0 0 larry.skywallet.cc Thanks for the work you did. cloudbank=Skywallet.cc ready
ExportFolder single card-data 1 0 0 0 0 c:\users\production\ Welcome to our club! domain=https://my.com/claim.html?& body=c:\template.html skip
ExportFolder single multiurl url 0 5 4 2 C:\list\ Invoice 34565 https://domain.com/mypage.html? ready


Send Method Possible methods include:
  1. Protonmail (Sends encrypted mail using Protonmail Bridge)
  2. SendToSkywallet (From local bank folder to Skywallet)
Phase 2:
  1. Gmail (Sends plain text email)
  2. TransferToSwyallet (From Skywallet to Skywallet)
  3. ExportFolder (From Bank to local file system)
Format Formates used in Bill Pay include:
  1. Raw URL ( To Embed One Coin in an Email )
  2. Compressed URL ( Uses the Compression Standard to Embed One Coin in an Email )
  3. Multi Compressed URL ( To Embed Many Coins in an Email )
  4. Compressed CSV ( To write many compressed coins to a csv file so it can be accessed later. )
Future Use:
  1. ID Coin PNG ( One PNG file attached to an Email )
  2. stack ( One '.stack' file attached to Email )
  3. QR Code File ( Saves codes to the local drive. These codes can generate graphical QR codes. )
  4. jpeg ( A few jpeg files attached to email )
The Send and Transfer send methods do not need a format as they are sent directly to a CloudBank. See details about file formats.
Amount The amount of CloudCoins to be sent. If this column is used the following five columns will be ignored.
1s The number of 1 note CloudCoins to be sent.
5s The number of 5 note CloudCoins to be sent.
25s The number of 25 note CloudCoins to be sent.
100s The number of 100 note CloudCoins to be sent.
250s The number of 250 note CloudCoins to be sent.
To Address
  1. For Protonmail or Gmail, use an email address
  2. For Send and Transfer, use a skywallet account ID
  3. For Export Folder, the path to the folder. Leave blank for the Default Folder.
Subject, Memo or Filename
  1. Subject: For Protonmail or Gmail
  2. Memo: For Send and Transfer
  3. Tag: For jpegs or stack files that are put on file system
  4. File Name: For other files placed on the file system
Special Instructions These are key value pairs seperated by "&" ampersams
  1. Body: For Protonmail or Gmail, this is location of the template for the body of the email like: "Body=c:\body.txt&priority=high"
  2. AttachmentUnique: For Protonmail or Gmail, this is location of a folder full of coins. The program will remove one coin from this folder and attach it to the email. One: "AttachmentUnique=C:\Celebrium\Gallery"
  3. For Send and Transfer do not need special instructions and can be left blank.
  4. URL: For URLs this is the URL of the webpage that the process the coin like "url=https://cloudcoin.global/public/claimcoin.html
Status The statuses are:
  1. ready: Ready to be sent
  2. skip: Bill Pay shoud skip this payment and not pay it.
  3. sent: Payment was sent
  4. error: Error means something whent wrong and the BillPay log files should be examined.