Monetary systems are information systems and should be run by system administrators and not by governents or banks. Banks and governents naturally benefit from running monetary systems because they can "hack' those systems and steal value from those that worked hard for it - without the people even knowing about it. According to the theory of perfect money, prices should always go down as technology makes processes more efficient. However, this does not happen thanks to the hidden hacking that effects almost all the world's currencies.

While governments are not needed or wanted in currency administration, there needs to be mechanisms that allow the technology to evolve and become better. The technology will be attacked and there needs to be a way to defend it. Many digital coins have created governance that has flat out failed. CloudCoin has paid attention to these failures and has taken steps to avoid the mistakes of other coins.

CloudCoin's mission is to create the most perfect currency possible. A currency that cannot be counterfeited, controlled, tracked or stolen. A currency that cannot be double-spent, mined or lost. It must be 100% private (requiring no public ledgers, accounts, or encryption). And,it must be a completely fair and ethical monetary system.

In order to achieve this, the technology must able to upgrade quickly and handle attacks all without haveing a central authority. Central authorities can be brought down and lead to the destruction of the entire system.

CloudCoin can have no systemic risk (risk that can bring down the entire system) and must have what we call "Data Supremacy." Data supremacy is when a database has no owner, and cannot be brought down by governments, hackers and even its own creators. Systemic risk can also be less accuratly called "Centralizion". CloudCoin has no centraliztion. There is no central legal organization or company that runs CloudCoin.

In order to achieve this, a governance structure has been created that consists of three major parts.
1. The RAIDA Sentinels (Keepers of the Clock).
2. The CloudCoin Consortium (Innovators and Evangalists).
3. The Cloud People (A Republic that is not based on geography).

The Sentinels

The RAIDA is like a clock-tower in the center of a medeival village. It provides a public service but it needs to have someone wind it up everyday and make sure it is maintained. The clock keeper may make sure that the clock is sercure and works, but the Clock Keeper did not invent the system of time and does not invent new features.

The RAIDA is made up of over 22 independnet companies who are physically located in different juristictions around the world. Each of these RAIDA Administrators - called Sentinels - are independent and are paid for their operations by recovering lost CloudCoins. The Sentinels are world-class systems administrators whose job is very simple: Keep their RAIDA up an running. Just like the clock keeper who kept the city clocks going in medivial days. They do this by purchasing and maitaining their own application servers, reverse-proxy servers, backup servers and DNS names. They must providing badwidth, electicity and updating code when released by the CloudCoin Consortium. The RAIDA administrators own their RAIDA for life so long as the follow the RAIDA constituion. The RAIDA constitution specifies their duties and all the reasons they could be removed. RAIDA Admins are appointed by the President of the CloudCoin Consortium. Many of the Sentinels have 32 Detection Agents behind them that actually hold the data. Detection Agents are generally volunteers who have a small "Raspberry Pi" computer in their home. These computers are connected to the Sentinels directly with an encrypted VPN connection and cannot communicate with anyother computers except the Sentinels. The Detection Agents help add integrity to the system but they have no say in how the RAIDA is governed. The Sentinels keep the clock running but depend on the CloudCoin Consortium for inovations.

The CloudCoin Consortium.

The CloudCoin Consortium is a group of businesses and individuals around the world who are interested in seeing ClodCoin be successful. Most of these people are paid in CloudCoin for their services. Consortium members are generally paid CloudCoin in eachange for activites that will increase the value of CloudCoins. The CloudCoin consortium is not a legal entity. It has no bank accounts. It has no head quarters. The consortium is a Libertarian organization who are very interested in Freedom. The Consortium was a Platinum Sponsor at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas in 2018. The CloudCoin Consortium started in 2017 and is in its organizaton phase that is scheduled to last until 2022 When it will a formal organiztion.

The Cloud People

The Cloud People is a concept created because of an idea that "From money comes civilization." If CloudCoin is succesful, then an online civilzation may emerge. After looking at the history of governments, a Republic based on the United States Constitution has been choosen. This Republic is more specific on natural rights, more restrictive on who can become a member, and tries to reduce the mistakes of former governments and learns from the mistakes. A Republic is a proven system unlike some of the experimental distributed governments created by other coins.

Some interesting facts about the proposed Cloud People:

Rights are positive:
The right to communication and employ communication technologies.
The right to self defence.
The right to use and develop tools.
The right to work without licenture.

The Cloud People are very resitrictive about who can be a member and all voting members must be parents, property owners and pay pole taxes.

The Cloud People Constitution has a fourth branch of government to run the monetary system.

This government will start organizing within a few years.

The keeper of the clock (The RAIDA) runs by itself. The CloudCoin Consortium developes the software to improve the RAIDA. The CloudPeople will create a vitual Republic that will defend the liberty of its citizens.